Donna Hall

Book Review

Adventures with Andy & Susie


"From the first page, Susie will capture imaginations with the goggles she wears, and her relationship with Andy is sure to please young readers, especially animal lovers."

-Kirkus Reviews

"Gorgeous illustrations!
Great story line!"

-Tina Schwartz,
Founder of Purcell Literary Agency

Book Review

-Readers' Favorite

Adventures With Andy and Susie: A stormy Weekend by Donna Hall is an imaginative and exciting storybook for children. Andy sets off on an adventure, armed with his goggles, field clothes and flashlight. The story is narrated by Susie the cat. She keeps a check on Andy and his safety as he travels. Andy is curious and his studies at school also enhance his curiosity to know more about a lot of things he has learned. It's already Spring and the new season can bring about changes in his adventurous plans too. Susie never leaves his side. How far will the two of them go with their quest and will they have a great adventure together?

The book is delightful and Andy will enchant young readers with his cute behavior and curiosity to learn more. The author has written a beautiful story that will interest kids. The illustrations are bright and colorful and breathe life and movement into the story and the characters. Kids will want to go on an adventure with Andy and Susie and explore new things with them. Parents and grandparents can use this book as a bedtime storybook and it can also be read out in classrooms and libraries during read aloud sessions. The story will make kids think in an imaginative way without restraining their creative processes. The book is perfect for kids looking for adventure. The pictures make the concept and ideas clear. It is a book worth having in one's personal collection. A charming adventure storybook for kids.